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Even if you’ve never visited New Orleans or celebrated Mardi Gras, you’ve likely heard of King Cakes. This traditional delicacy is a cross between coffee cake and classic French pastries that are usually served to start on the twelfth night after Christmas, celebrating the wise men who bore gifts to the newborn Christ. We now proudly offer delicious Olde Tyme New Orleans Original King Cake Syrup. It is a GREAT dessert and ice cream topping. The special taste is sure to leave you, your loved ones, and friends craving for a taste of Olde Tyme New Orleans Mardi Gras!

Use this delicious syrup to top your favorite cheese cake,  or coffee cake. It is great when used to make a cream soda or ice cream soda. The uses are limited to your imagination!

10 fl.oz Olde Tyme New Orleans "King Cake Syrup"

SKU: 680474212354
Available Size: 10 fl.oz
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