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Since the early 20th century New Orleans natives

enjoyed their unique style of Nectar Syrup.

It was used to make sodas, ice cream sundaes,

snowballs, dessert toppings, and more!


Original Nectar Soda:

1 part “Old Tyme New Orleans Nectar Syrup”

5 parts seltzer water

Add crushed ice and stir

Nectar Milkshake

16 oz whole milk

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

1-2 ounces Nectar Syrup

top with whipped cream and a cherry!

Original Nectar Ice Cream Soda:

Vanilla ice cream, seltzer, whipped cream, Nectar Syrup, cherry

Pour about an inch of Olde Tyme New Orleans Nectar Syrup and 1 inch seltzer water into a malt glass.

Gently add a medium scoop of vanilla ice cream and more seltzer until you reach two inches from the

top of the rim. Carefully stir contents and watch it fizz! Add whipped cream, more syrup, and top with

a cherry!

Nectar Party Punch:  (a delicious party refresher)

In a punch bowl add one 10oz bottle of Nectar Syrup to a chilled 2 liter bottle of 7up or Sprite.  

Float one block of frozen sherbet into the punch bowl and let it float for a few minutes. Stir and serve in punch cups!


Adult Drinks


Nectarcino Café": (A new twist to cappuccino!)          

2 parts espresso

1 part Nectar Syrup

2 parts frothed 2% milk

Top the above with whipped cream, a teaspoon of Nectar Syrup,

and a cherry!


“Hard Nectar Cream Soda”:  

Pour over ice: 1 ½ oz of the Nectar Syrup and 1 ½ oz Amaretto into a

tall glass

Then add 1 ½ oz milk and 1 ½ oz seltzer chilled seltzer water

Top with whipped cream and a cherry!



1 1/2 oz Nectar Syrup, vodka, orange juice, and crushed ice.

Add the vodka, juice, and ice into a tall glass. Gently pour the Nectar Syrup so it sits at bottom

of the glass. Add the crushed ice and enjoy!


 Nectar Syrup Recipes 

Olde Tyme New Orleans Nectar Syrup in Nectar Soda
Olde Tyme New Orleans Nectar Syrup im Hummingbird Adult Drink
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