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An 'Olde Tyme New  Orleans' -Tradition

"Nectar Syrup"


Nectar is a favorite New Orleans flavor reminiscent of the early 20th century! The flavor was developed by a local drug distributor. The soda fountain flavor "Nectar Syrup" was so popular it became a local favorite and ranked second only to chocolate syrup! It was used as an ice cream topping, ice cream soda, and fizzy soda pops..It was and still is unique to New Orleans and Southern Louisiana. 

You would think that the taste of our Nectar would be similar to the extracts of a sweet flowering honeysuckle, or maybe of the flowering S.arborescens that are fragrant and rich in nectar. New Orleans Nectar like most cuisine in the Crescent City are incomparable! The secret blend of almond, vanilla, and other ingredients make this syrup an unforgettable ruby red color with the flavor perfect for use on a variety of desserts including my favorite "Nectar Ice Cream Soda"! 

I remember my childhood days when I would skip Sunday Mass (please,don't tell mom) so I could take that precious hour to enjoy my favorite at the old New Orleans K&B Drugstore soda fountain located on Harrison Avenue.                                                                        

As pharmacy soda fountains fell into decline so did the Nectar flavor, it just vanished with time. That is, until late 2015, when it was revived. The flavor lives on today as an addition to the Olde Tyme New Orleans  brands.


Olde Tyme New Orleans

Nectar Ice Cream Soda

Ingredients needed:

"Olde Tyme New Orleans" Nectar Syrup  -    Soda water (Seltzer)
Vanilla ice cream    -      Whipped  Cream     -        Stem Cherry

Pour about an inch of Nectar syrup to bottom of a tall Sundae glass. Add a normal scoop of  vanilla  ice cream.  Slowly pour seltzer over the ice cream while gently stirring. The mixture will cause it to fizz up and rise. Stop pouring when the fizz reaches up to about 1-2 inches from the top of  the rim. Top with whipped cream and a cherry.    


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