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      Nectar Syrup

King Cake Syrup 

Mint Julep Syrups

Since the early 20th century New Orleans Nectar Syrup was a favorite of New Orleans children and adults alike! Its now time to introduce our new line of "Olde Tyme New Orleans Syrups and dessert toppings"!  "Mint Julep Syrup" is made with real peppermint oil and our   "King Cake Syrup" is reminiscent of Mardi Gras.

Like our Nectar Syrup they can be used to make refreshing cream sodas, ice cream sundaes, homemade ice cream, cheese cake toppings, and other dessert toppings, sno-cones, pancake syrup.

You can substitute our Nectar syrup with the other new flavors to make variations of our Coffee Dessert drinks, and our popular adult screwdriver called the "Nectar Driver".  

All of the Olde Tyme New Orleans brand of syrups are a delight for children and adults alike! Check out our recipes!


**Award Winner voted best of Louisiana

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Make sure to stock up on Olde Tyme New Orleans products - King Cake Syrup, Double Strength Vanilla, Nectar Syrup, Mint Julep Syrup and Bourbon Pecan Dessert Topping. 

Olde Tyme  New Orleans

 Double Strength

French Vanilla

Olde Tyme New Orleans Double Strength French Vanilla is a blend of quality beans that come from a variety of vanilla growing regions. It has a creamy and balanced taste accompanied by an extremely pleasing fragrance. These characteristics make for a superior product which is used in candy making, baking, and other uses where a high quality flavoring is needed.